Solo Sailor

Come on board!

When you complete the official sailing training, e.g. for the Yachtmaster, you will find out that you will be insufficiently prepared to sail alone. Usually one goes with several fellow sailors for one week on a sailing yacht and on the last day you take the exam. All manoeuvres, be they tacks and gybes, but also harbour manoeuvres are mastered with a large crew. You have a foresheet, someone to hold a lookout and each line has its own crew member. You are at the captain, giving the appropriate commands and if you have a good crew together, the sailing is really fun.

If you later find yourself on a charter yacht as a couple and the fellow sailor has little or no idea, you quickly realize that it makes a huge difference whether you have to move a boat with 8 people or alone. Therefore I regularly give interested fellow sailors the possibility to come on board some days to practice "alone sailing". The main goal is to master the common sailing manoeuvres alone, but also to master other skills which as a single-handed sailor are particularly important:

It is not a commercial offer! The crew members (max. two persons) pay their share of cost as a lump sum, at present 38 Euro/person per day. This includes boat, berthing fees, water, electricity, accident insurance, final cleaning, etc. If you are interested please send a E-mail to mail (at) and you will get detailed information from me. Furthermore, I ask for your understanding that only sailors with an official sport boat licence will come on board. Without this previous knowledge, training for single-hand sailing makes no sense.

Expand your offer! You are welcome to "rent" me for advanced training. Contact me under mail (at)

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