Solo Sailor


I would like to present here my activities in the field of training.

Singlehand Sailing

When you complete the official sailing training, e.g. for the Yachtmaster, you will find out that you will be insufficiently prepared to sail alone. Usually one goes with several fellow sailors for one week on a sailing yacht and on the last day you take the exam. All manoeuvres, be they tacks and gybes, but also harbour manoeuvres are mastered with a large crew. You have a foresheet, someone to hold a lookout and each line has its own crew member. You are at the captain, giving the appropriate commands and if you have a good crew together, the sailing is really fun.

If you later find yourself on a charter yacht as a couple and the fellow sailor has little or no idea, you quickly realize that it makes a huge difference whether you have to move a boat with 8 people or alone. Therefore I regularly give interested fellow sailors the possibility to come on board some days to practice "alone sailing". The main goal is to master the common sailing manoeuvres alone, but also to master other skills which as a single-handed sailor are particularly important:

Skipper Coaching

The skipper has the final authority to make decisions on board, because at the end he has to face the consequences of his decisions. A good skipper is characterized by a high degree of responsibility and skill. He involves his crew respectfully and according to their abilities in the operation of the yacht. In the end, he forms a team in which everyone is involved, enjoying sailing.

If you want to develop yourself in this direction, I offer you my Skipper Coaching. We will improve your overall sailing skills and place also special emphasis on knowledge-based decision-making and planning. Besides the pure sailing manoeuvres we also practice the

The coaching takes place during a trip over several days. Upon special arrangement I will also come on your yacht and You may train together with your usual crew.

SKS Theory

I am offering theory lessons for the german SKS licence via Videochat. If you want to acquire a german sailing license, just switch to the "Deutsche Version" of my website.

Get your miles

You need experience for the acquisition or renewal of your sailing license? Come on board and we will sail with you as the skipper in charge.

My profile

On water, on land and in the air - that's how you could sum up my experience. Since I was 15 years old, so in the meantime 45 years, I'm flying, first as a hobby, later professionally in commercial aviation. I was an instructor for many years and was able to gain a lot of experience in the training area. I have also been sailing for decades and have thousands of nautical miles in the Baltic Sea, North Sea, Atlantic and Mediterranean. My concern is to bring safety and fun in water sports together.

Next trips

The trips start in L'Estartit in the north-east of Spain. Arrival is usually on Sunday, depending on weather conditions and experience we plan the trip and are at sea for four days from Monday to Thursday. Return journey from Friday. If you are interested in taking part in a trip, send your e-mail address to mail (at) and you will receive a message from me as soon as a departure date is fixed. Please understand that only sailors with a sports boat licence can participate. Before that, Skipper Coaching or the instruction in singlehand sailing does not make sense.


This is not a commercial offer! The fellow sailors (max. two persons) pay their share of the cost price. This includes boat, mooring fees, water, electricity, accident insurance, final cleaning, etc.

Provision will be bought together before a trip of several days and costs will be shared. If you want to enjoy a 35 year old Scottish Dalmore Whiskey, it is on your own account, as well as restaurant visits, etc. You'll have to take care of your travel to the port of departure. Mostly there is an airport nearby, which is approached by a budget airline.

There is no contract and you don't need a travel cancellation insurance. If you cannot come on short notice - no problem. Since we only share costs, there are no expenses if you don't come. Of course it's nice when you give notice in advance, as someone else might get your bunk. Accordingly no liability will be accepted if, for example because of illness or a technical defect, a trip cannot start as planned.

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